Police on Friday detained two people for being dubiously present at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Patna, newspaper Hindustan Times reported. In the first case, a youth posing as an IPS officer was detained, while the other was a driver of a private car. The fake IPS officer was reportedly there to review security arrangements made for PM Modi and said he belonged to the 2015 batch. However, when a fellow officer asked for an ID, he was unable to produce one. This person went unnoticed until half an hour before the arrival of the prime minister. He was reported to be of an unstable mind.

On further questioning, it was found that he was a student of management in an institute in Pune and was the son of an RBI official.

In the other case, a private vehicle drove past the road which had been cordoned off as the Prime Minister’s cavalcade was supposed to use it. Security officials said the car came to a spot where even ambulances were forbidden. The vehicle was later identified and the driver arrested. The police are investigating how the vehicle found its way in.