People had some mixed reactions to The Mummy’s first trailer. However, the reactions have been even stranger to an IMAX upload of the same trailer, but with some missing features.

The IMAX version, compared to the original, is mostly the same. The progression of events–from the crew sitting on the plane with the sarcophagus to the eventual crash and resurrection–remains identical. But the trailer is unfinished, missing a lot of its audio and with unedited versions of other bits.

If you liked the part of the first trailer when Tom Cruise screamed unevenly, then you’re in luck.

IMAX has since taken down the video, but you can find it reuploaded online.

It starts off normally, albeit a little quiet. But the lack of dramatic music is for tension, right?

But then Tom Cruise barges into the cockpit, and you see what’s wrong. The music swells, the door opens, and all you hear is pilot jargon. Then Cruise goes “what the hell, ” and you find that you’re thinking the same thing.

It goes downhill from there. The birds crash into the front window of the plane without sound. All you hear is a little grunt from one of the pilots as he probably dies. And then it’s sparse sound effects for a while–a little grunting here, a sigh there–until the best part occurs.

Remember that strange stream from Cruise’s mouth as the plane goes down in the original trailer? It’s still here, only intensified. It seems to be coming from everybody else on the plane. Not only that, the screams sound detached. Even as the camera lingers on Cruise, it doesn’t seem like he’s even making those noises himself.

The whole thing is bizarre, like a satiric response to the original trailer, which was mostly overwhelming but featured the strange scream from Cruise.

The video was removed from Twitter after getting defined as a “leak.” It wrote in a statement to a Polygon producer who uploaded it, “this was accidentally released online but is not intended to be available for public viewing. We have removed from YouTube, but it is still populating on Twitter.”

But because this is the internet, and nobody ever forgets a mistake made here, people have been doing IMAX’s job and filling in the missing audio. Never underestimate the internet’s need to make dank memes, or to make quick YouTube videos.

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